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We SPECIALISE in photographing jewellery of all types. From simple cut outs for your e-commerce online store to aspirational images of your bespoke pieces, we can do it all.

Fashion Studio

Sometimes a little bit extra is needed, especially on an e-commerce site. It can really boost the overall presentation of your products if there are a few aspirational images around.

Fashion Location

A step further than ‘Fashion Studio’ is shooting on location. As a complement to images created in the studio, location images can make lifestyle statements that customers identify with.


When shooting food we usually do so at our clients premises as they usually have better facilities for the cooking and preparation! We can also source stylists if need be.

Product Simple

Simple, clean, well lit, these images focus purely on your product so your customers can see exactly what they are getting. Extra elements such as shadows, reflections and coloured or textured backgrounds can be added if so desired.

Product Display

Your products have contents that need to be shown?…No problem. Extra elements can be added just as with ‘Product Simple’ images.

Product Propped

Some products cry out for ‘mood’ lighting and props to create an emotional reaction (positive of course!) from customers. This can be achieved in the studio and on location.


Sometimes it is easier to show rather than explain. Our technical images can be as simple or as complicated as need be and extra elements can be added just as with ‘Product Simple’ images.

Any image can be called an ‘e-commerce image’ if it is used on the internet to sell goods or services, but to make the very best use of images on a website more needs to be done.

The style of the image is important as it usually has to ‘work’ with the style of the rest of the site as well as show the product clearly.

The images must look professional as customers will identify you by your images…poor quality images = poor quality products/service?

Unlike a ‘bricks and mortar’ store customers cannot pick up and examine your products so the more detail the images show the more confident your customer will be to make the purchase, especially if the image is accompanied with clear, descriptive text.

If possible, for those products available in more than one colour try to have an image of each colour. While colour charts and swatches are better than nothing they can’t show the variations as well as an actual image.

We are all influenced by what we see and one of the results of this is ‘wanting through association’. TV car ads demonstrate this to perfection. They will show a 4×4 vehicle driving through empty, threatening, remote locations until the vehicle stops, the doors fly open and we see the vehicle had delivered the lovely family inside safely to their destination! The vast majority of 4x4s bought by people who were inspired by those ads never leave the tarmac road let alone drive somewhere threatening! No need to go to that extreme but if your online store has rows and rows of white, cut out product shots consider adding just a few propped or lifestyle images to give your customer something to either identify with or aspire to.

For images to display correctly on the internet (colour, contrast, sharpness, resolution etc.) there are just a few technical requirements. Images supplied by us always meet or exceed those requirements.

Couldn’t be simpler…contact us!

While there are common requirements to most assignments, there are a lot of individual and unique requirements too. We endeavour to be wholly flexible to accommodate all our clients needs and the best way to do that is talk and agree on a course of action.

It may be as simple as sending us a few products to shoot in the agreed way or it may be more involved with the sourcing of props, locations and models. It doesn’t matter, we will make it as simple as possible for you, in fact you can be involved in the creative process as much or as little as you like and may even enjoy it!

Rather than present a confusing list made up of basic prices, ‘extras’, minimum quantities and so on we prefer to discuss your needs and expectations then give you an exact price and turnaround.

There will be no ‘hard sell’, just an open and frank discussion by the end of ¬†which you will have all the information necessary to make a considered decision on what happens next.

Like most businesses our workload fluctuates throughout the year and some assignments are more time intensive than others but typically we will finish your assignment within 7 working days. We would agree the turnaround with you at time of booking. If you require the images or your products returned quickly please discuss that with us…we nearly always make things work!

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